Schroth Cure
With a Schroth Cure you will strengthen your body, mind and soul. We are a recognized “Kurbetrieb des Schrothverein Oberstaufen” and we apply the original Schroth Cure with all treatments in our house. The Schroth Cure might be supported by your health insurance. The original Oberstaufen Schroth Cure is a successful combination of highly effective naturopathic stimuli.

The Schroth diet consists mainly of vegetables. The guest will receive a reduced calorie, mostly basic and almost salt-free diet. This relieves the metabolism and encourages the self-healing and detoxification of the body. As a reward for the salt, fat and protein-free weeks and cold packs in the morning you will experience physical and mental well-being.

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Vital Cure
Losing weight with consistent healthy eating
on 1000–1200 kcal basis.
The vital diet is based on the carefully prepared dishes, balanced in vitamins, carbohydrates and fiber in combination with some physical exercise (fitness program from Monday to Friday). For relaxation, you can get a massage from our physiotherapist. In addition there is the possibility of purification with a hay pack treatment.

Hay pack treatment: is a very old application and helps e.g. against fatigue effects and lack of concentration, musculoskeletal disorders, gynecological disorders and stimulates the blood circulation and the immune system. The body is wrapped in moist hay pillows. By developing heat the ingredients of the hay are digested and can exert their effect on health.

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Climate Cure
Oberstaufen is also a climatic resort with the predicate 'Premium Class'.
Enjoy pure sunshine and clear air.
From autumn to spring, the number of hours of sunshine is three times higher than in the lowlands.
Intense solar radiation in combination with slight cold stimuli strengthens the organism and the immune system.

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